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Hi Bill, after reading the "Do Audiophiles want a stand alone high end HDD source?" thread, I thought that I would purchase a WD Mini off of ebay and do the I2S conversion suggested by Erin. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digi...-want-stand-alone-high-end-hdd-source-14.html
I thought I would build a linear power supply (easier bit) and a daughter board for the reciever chip and relays etc., as I would still like the option of an external SPDIF source as well. Sound OK?
Hi darkfury,

I haven't completed my connection yet, I have a circuit board half finished to combine my DAC receiver IC plus an analogue switch IC so that I can choose I2C or SP/DIF inputs. I'll post photos once completed.
Regarding your query, you will need to break into the circuit board traces between your receiver and converter IC's, something like the drawing below.

Hope this helps!


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Hi darkfury,
I think it would be advisable yes, but I would be more inclined to cut the tracks rather than remove the whole receiver chip. That way you can easily re-connect if you need to with a bit of solder.
I am adding a switch to mine to select either I2S or SP/DIF inputs, I'll be etching a board soon.


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