I want to see your amps!

This is my pride and joy at the moment... pure class B, 4 channels, 100 watts per channel. Currently it is being used in a bi-amping arrangement!


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They were build (not by me though) for low impedance speakers.

150 watt in 8 ohm
near 300 watt in 4 ohm
near 600 watt in 2 ohm
approx. 1000 watt in 1 ohm (the resistors went up in smoke too fast to get a proper reading)

They have a switch so they can be baised for 1 or 100 watt class A, I haven't been able to tell the difference, except for the heat.

I can't rember which transistors are used in the output stage except that they are not mofsets.


2001-03-06 3:07 pm
Nice....Whats the rating on the RIFA:s?...and the transformer?... My aleph 2 clone ways about 25-30Kg a pc (but its not fully assemblaged jet....

30x30x4cm heatsinks 2 pc per block =)) 10kg aproxx
5mm T6 Alu all around it should be used to make boats =) but then i got hold of it =) 8kg aproxx
900VA toroid audio grade 10Kg aproxx
2pc 47000µF Rifa Peh169 10yers in hard use life expectancy.....
2pc 1.1mH coil about 0,7Kg a piece same as for caps...

+Some more fun stuff like remote turn on and some voltage checks (to be fed to display on preamp..whenever i get around to it..)

hmmmm ....=) i will post some pics of it when it is possible..

The RIFAs are 47000uf long life, haven't read the rest. The main transformer for the output stage is a 1000VA, the smaller one on top is a approx. 500VA for the other stages.

Normaly weight is a good thing, but when moving them down from 4. floor, then it kind of sucks :D

Sounds like you will also end up with some solid state ;)