I want to modify my Snell speakers!

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I would like to replace the titanium dome tweeters in my Snell C/V loudspeakers. I am not a DIYer, but it seems like a fairly simple task, at least physically. The current tweeter is an Audax, 4 ohm, 94 db efficiency titanium dome. I would like to try a textile dome, but can't seem to find one with similar specs. What do I do?

Thanks for the education!
It's possible to find in the range of Audax drivers a very similar model, but with textile dôme. Practically all Audax drivers are produced with various dome materials. But I cann't help you further, if I don't know the *exact and complete* reference number of your driver.

Regards, P.Lacombe.
Just to give you a heads up, it is unlikely that that titanium dome tweeter is available to the public. You will almost certainly be able to find a lower end equivalent to it, as is the case with many high-end loudspeakers. Also, unless your using an active x-over or are willing to modify the passive, don't expect great results. There will be many peaks and dips that aren't addressed, because each crossover is designed with a particular set of measured responses in mind. However, if you do decide to make a swap, it'll be interesting to see whether you prefer soft or hard domes. This is becoming quite a popular debate these days.
To follow up on what Super said

It's unlikely that you will find a soft done that will have the exact same performance and electrical properities of the Audax Titanium. A properly designed XO usually contains baffle step compensation, and frequently it will have impedance compensation (a zobel), and possibly output level compensation. It has been custom taylored specifically to the tweeter, other drivers, the baffle, etc. So trying to find a drop in replacement is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Unless you're experienced, and have the proper measurement tools to completely redesign and make a new XO from scratch, it's probably better to leave well enough alone.

Now if you want professional assistance, companies like Madisound can develop a new XO using their LEAP program. This is pretty good software, but be advised that the best XO's are designed by measuring the drivers performance in the intended baffle; and making small adjustments to fine tune everything based on those measurements. I sure thats what Snell did when designing the XO in your system
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