I never posted a thread - Hi from the Atlanta area

A couple of years ago I found this forum in a Covid induced dive into the idea of building both DML speakers and a tube amp. At that point I was in Korea and working so after learning a bunch all project work was shelved. Now I'm back in the US and retired so projects are coming back out.

Current projects -
Spud amp just to get my feet wet with tubes
DML speakers
Get my cnc router set up and working (only tangential to this board although I have some plans for a nice front panel)
I bought the CNC just in time to move to Korea for 4 years. I thought about taking it and did end up with a little Chinese one for a bit but the apartment was too small to deal with the noise and the dust.

I need to start a new thread for my amp project. While some of the ideas have stayed the same I have a different starting point than I did 2 years ago. I should have it breadboarded soon and then I'll talk more about it. Waiting on transformers because it doesn't do much good to show an amp when you can't get any sound out.
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They, and tubes, are a risky endeavor for me. In both cases there are so many possible things to try that I need to consciously slow down instead of diving into many experiments. I'm not sure if it helps that I am coming from the tinkering/electronics/making side of things instead of the audiophile side of things.
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