i need PA delay line , adjustable

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i have been reading , and i think that this should be fairly simple using lets say behringer uca202 for adc and dac ,and laptop for memory and control, only thing is i cant find any software for doing this ,what can i do ,its cheap diy PA so i want this to be cheap solution too :D

basicaly i will conect fill speakers at distance around 20 meters , could all pass filter work in this case? becouse i need adjustable

thank you for help.
Well if you have a basic PC left you can attach it to Behringer/speakers but controll it with your laptop from your 20 meter via RemoteDesktopProtocol or any soft doing this job !

Free if you have the PC already ! via wifi or with a 20 meter category 5 wire and a basic switch/router (20 euros)
no problem with getting signal 20 meters away, have both balanced and regular option. have problem of how to get signal in computer memory wait for adjusted ammount of time, then play it back, only need pc software (what works on windows) that can do that. i cant find if that kind of software exist, only found some software with minimum delay of 0.1s what is too much for 20 meters.
I think foobar has a plugin in the DSP manager that allows for this 'Channel Mixer' in the Delays tab. You can specify for 5.1 sources too iirc.
If you need a pre-configured foobar2000 in useable state let me know and I can upload my install ;)


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Hi. I found more possible ways to try:

#1 Voicemeter, in the settings you can specify delay in ms. It accepts hardware line-level inputs > delay > output and operates at Kernel / WASAPI Level to minimize extra OS delays/interference. This is the better free solution.

#2 matrix_mixer, a directshow filter (.ax) filter.
You need a directshow based program which accepts line-into with this method.
Try this plugin for WMP in conjunction to allow line-in recording.
MatrixMixer has control panel in start menu after install..
Options to look for are delay on second tab and 'Autoload with directshow' on the third tab. Delay can even be specified in meters. Not sure if direct show adds a delay, it probably does. Option #1 is better option.
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