I need JBL Schematics

Perry Babin said:

Wow!! Perry Babin!? I am SO very pleased to actually "meet" you! I've been utilizing your site for years to brush up on certain areas and to learn many many things. I am slightly in awe to see that you not only created such a great site that contributes so much information freely, but also actively participate on forums further contributing to the masses. I salute you sir.

Anyhow, I am ben62670's buddy with the blown JBL BP1200.1. Long story short, I bought a JBL GTO 1201.1 II refurbished for $275 because I couldn't afford retail, but it blew, and I didn't feel I was well enough experienced to fix it, so I bought another amp, a JBL BP1200.1 and now it did the same exact thing! Both blew all of the N-channel MOSFETs! Why!? I think JBL has some issue with this! Both amps were working great, and suddenly fried for no apparent reason what so ever! I don't get it, but, I really can't afford another amplifier now, and so I am left with the only option of trying my best to repair it.

I would be so very greatful if you could email me any information you may have so I may identify the badly damaged and undistinguishable parts, most importantly the values of the resitors next to the MOSFETs.

I will email you so you have my address. Thank you so much, and again it was great "meeting" you!