I need help with transferring cassette to digital

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I have an older M-Audio Fast Track Pro that I'm trying to use to do the transfers between my (also old) Kenwood receiver and then into my MacBook (running 10.14.6). I have 2 TS to RCA cables that go right from the "Tape B Record" jacks on the back of the receiver then into the inputs on the M-Audio. I don't seem to be getting any audio signal, even though I have the sound preferences set to the M-Audio instead of internal mic. In talking to a guy who knows a good deal about all this, he indicated that the drivers for the M-Audio have been discontinued ( Fast Track Pro Drivers) so is that the problem? I use the M-Audio to do my guitar recordings into an older iMac with no problem. Is there some way around this? I could use the iMac to do the transfers but it's more awkward to move that closer to the stereo equipment plus there is not all that much space on the hard drive. These transfers will undoubtedly create large files. Thanks for any advice.
Cakewalk UA-1G USB Audio Interface Review – The Gadgeteer

I used this one to transfer all my tapes; probably the best audio card for the money, that I ever used. It comes with an outstanding professional software as well, all that for $100 brand new. Have no idea how Roland did it for that money... it can record at 24/96, uses ASIO driver

You'll find my review and tweaking suggestions in the above link, under the same user name as here... scroll down to comments section

Try eBay for a second-hand one...

I have Roland Super UA at the moment... stunning, used in my main system as a backup DAC (with just a bit of modification). Roland knows how to make these interfaces, their PCB's are exceptionally engineered, sounds beautiful; natively decodes DSD

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I have used a Philips CDR880 to transfer tapes to digital. The recordings are very good quality and sound about the same as the tapes to me.

The CDR880 requires audio CDs and will not work with data CDs but the audio CDs are only $0.25 to $0.50 each depending on size of the spindle you buy.

You'll have a CD that you can play on any CD player or any computer with a CD drive. You can also, use them to create files on your computer.
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