I need help decidint which amp to buy


2005-08-19 7:26 am
Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me determine which amp to buy. it is so far between PPI PRECISION POWER DCX1000.1
MONO SUB AMPLIFIER and ALPINE MRD-M1005 MonoBlock Class D Amplifier Amp. i'm not sure which is one better, i know that PPI used to be really good but i dont know anything about their new model which it's owned by a different company now or something. i'm only running on 2 12" JL W0's for now but im gonna upgrade to 2 12" JL W3v2's and possibly upgrade again which 6month to 1 year. can anyone help me decide which amp to buy? if there are other amps that you guys recommend, i would love to hear about it. HELP ME!!