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I need big caps!

Anyone have some big caps for a big power amp to sell? Need 4 or 8 of something over 40,000 uF rated for 63V at least. Please include dimensions. You can post here or email me off line. Would rather not get old caps that need to be reformed.

I've searched and cannot find any of these at a reasonable price, have checked apexjr and the usual suspects. Any links would also be appreciated.

- thanks.
Here is what I have:

12 caps ( I dropped one now no good)
Compulytic 32DX8265, 3000 uf, 450vdc, -10+50%
Measures 8.5" + 0.5" for terminals x 3.0"

6 caps
4300uf, 450vdc, -10+50%
Measures 4.75" + 0.5" for terminals x 3.0"


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imix500 said:
mrlots2do, what would you want for your caps if you were so inclined to sell them? I have several high power pulse forming networks that could use them.

I would except about half the list price, make me a reasonable offer. Remeber only 11 of 12 Sprague caps due to my dropping one.

Shipping probably would cost a bit since these caps as a group are heavy.

imix500 said:
mrlots2do, that's fair. I know what the sprague caps go for new so I can imagine what you are asking. Is the same true for the philips caps? I have a good supplier for these I'm looking at but I'm curious what you would want for them. Thanks
Send me an email with item, quanity and offer. We'll figure shipping after boxed up (due to weight). What zipcode? Do you want them insured?