I need an amp,quick! How 'bout this?

Eva said:
Last week I built a 2x25W stereo amplifier for my laptop in approx 90 minutes.

Rats, you beat me by half an hour! But I did build my own enclosure. :)


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Re: Ooops

iUSERTLO72p said:
Didn't think it would be discussed here, silly me.

I looked at the links, the ST151 has lots of parts. I didn't want to buy chips n things. I don't know. I'll search some more.

Sixtek's amp is about as simple as you'll get a discrete amp that is reliable. If you want simpler, pick up some LM3886's cheap on eBay and build an amp with those.

That "cheap 100-150W amp" is a dud. I tried it and it fried the 2955/3055's I used as outputs pretty much instantly (no assembly errors!). Fortunately, the loss of those was no great loss.

dont produce this amp .....its not working ......
search for a user called kapibara i think, and you will see what i mean

make dx amplifier or pick anything from rod elliot esp sound westhost ....any thing he sais is real ..... 99 % of his amps work more than grate !!!!!!

( i built my shelf a project03 amp in a vero board and i was breathless!!!!! such a simple thing can play so well !!!! )