I need advise on audio mixing boards?

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I need some information on the mixer board for audio line inputs and outputs and I don't know much about them.
I need 16 channels output [8 chan for the left and 8 chan for the right] and I need 2 channels for input left and right .
I want to use this board for my stereo system that I have in my home.
My listening room is upstairs and all the amps that drive the speakers are in the basement which makes it very difficult to set up the volume for each speaker that way.
The speakers are Bi-wired and with the sub woofers requires a few amps for all of this, the only way I can adjust everything properly now is to make many,many trips up and down the stairs.
I want to place a audio mixing board upstairs so that I can adjust the volume of each speaker up in the living room now, so the board once in place, it will never be moved.
I have all my music on the server and will plug the audio card into the board and the be able to send and adjust the signal to each amp ,via the board.
I need a good quality board that is Hi-Fi quality.
Can anyone advise me on what board that is suited for this type of application.Most board provide exactly the opposite of what I need, as they have many inputs and maybe just two outputs,I need it the other way around, were the board has two or four inputs and 16 independent outputs.

Thanks in advance
Not quite clear on your layout...
If you have seperate amps for each room you will need distribution amplifiers (DA) with a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) for each room and a local fader.
If you have a common amp you, will need a L or T-pad at each location. E

I use a DAC that has two line outputs, and I need to use a mixing board to sent the signal to a number of amplifiers.
No1 Amp to JBL L7's main speakers 2 inputs
No2 Amp to JBL, 2245-H 18in sub 1 input
No3 amp to Klipsch sub woofers 2 inputs
No4 amp to Klipsch RF-83 used for mid range 2 inputs
No5 amp small tube amp for Altec 802-8D ,511 horns, 2 inputs
No6 bi-wired to HF of JBL,L7's
No 8 small tube amp Bi-wired to Klipsch RF-83 HF secton
What would be a good mixing board for connecting up to what is described. Most studio mixing boards have many inputs and only a few outputs, I need a mixing board the would be the opposite.
Anyone know of something that would work for this.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.