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I need a cheap tube compliment to get my project started.

I need these tubes to get my new project up and running.
I was going to buy off eboy, and could get it done for under $20.
But since I'm on here asking for advice about other stuff I might as well patronize the good members of the forum.
I know there are substitutions possible and I don't mind that.
I plan on using this amp for my wulitzer electric piano and my moog slim phatty.
Let me know what you have, what you want for them and how much for shipping to 07506.

2 x 6SN7
2 x 6L6G
1x 5U4G
Really? Then you should probably go that route...I only hope at that price at least one of them is functional;)
You are totally right.
I guess I was thinking there might be someone who has a box of tubes in a drawer that they aren't ever going to use.
I have such a box and everytime I look in it I never have what I need.
But thanks for the advise because I just got everything I needed for around $15 delivered. All of them tested and guaranteed. Matched pairs too.

: ) Eh!
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