"i know you gonna dig this"

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"bi bi bi big speakers" "booooooom"



now i gotta finish this
there is a pair of 300w@12v (25a peak draw) PSU's behind the 18. wired in parallel. its a cheap assed sony 444 but ive managed to get a clean sounding (i dont own a Oscope) 198w (as per the volt meter). it is running thoes two audiobahn AW10's. not the best sounding but good enough for music when i listen to it in my room (rarely).

here are is a load'o'pics.


test fitting the baffle, its VERY tight but i went back and sanded some and its just tight now...whcih means it will be a huge pain int the *** to steal..which is good. i am also useing block head screws and boltin the enclosrue to the floor along with a security system...this will be near the top as far as loudness is concerned around my town (and especially at my HS) so if not properly secured it will walk away just as soon as i put it in.





enclosure finished

and this was a comparo pic especially for Denim on SSA.com (soundsolutionaudio.com).
Looks like goodness.....

security system is probably a good idea. Although I've made quite a few boxes for buddys of mine's cars and I find the best way to prevent it from being stolen is to make it nearly impossible to remove from the car! Of course, when its nearly impssible to remove, it is also nearly impossible to put it... Putting a tight fit enclosure into a car can sometimes be like one of those puzzles at cracker barrel. It only works one way and can take an hour to figure out...

You shouldnt have any problem setting off car alarms in your HS parking lot:)
setting off car alarms isnt my goal...:whazzat:

its just a side effect of shooting for 140dB on the new TL and 145 on the old AC mics. :D

and to install the18 (on top of being a tight fit that is hard to get the sub out even with a flat head screwdirver) i used 4 block head screws, 2 No1 pan head screws (philips) and 2 alan key heads....

amp is all block heads

the enclosure took me 20min to get into the vehicle and weighs 147lbs with the sub and amp in/on it.

its being bolted to the floor

on top of a secutiy system :D
Dont you think the tuning is a bit low for a MaxSPL app? DbDrag allows up to 80hz IIRC, or they didnt change the rules....

This is just me, but if I built a big ole ported box for my ride and inteded on competing(or even just seing how many Db's I could pound out) at all I would build at least 2 sets of ports. The first set would be for everday listening(tuned low, probably alot lower than 30hz, maybe around 15) and then the second set would be tuned to largest peak of the vehicle's interior gain, which is usually in the region between 50-80hz. Then I'd use screw on/off removable panels to block the high tuned port(s) when not competing(or bass blasting).

I have 4 tunings for my Tumult enclosure at 10hz 16hz 22hz and 30hz. It may take 2 minutes to change tuning, but its ALOT faster than building entirely different boxes tuned to all of those different frequencys.;)
this thing is INSANE!

i have the gains so so extremely conservative. only to aprox 30v asumeing an impeadance rise to around 3ohms im only getting 300-400w. and my roof is "only" flexing 1/4-1/2"....my dome light is "only" moving 1/16th (or so). not too many rattles but it hasnt gotten very loud yet either. the main test song has been "push that" but little john. no rock yet (im still amazed with its loudness wiht only 300-400w). it is overpowering my componets like they are nothing. speaking is impossible. and in the low lows (30Hz area, near tuning) the pressure changes are starting to take effect (as far as the funny breathing).

not the loudest ive been in but deffanitly the loudest with such minimal wattage. already nearly as loud as the "157" set up my friend has (4 JL w1v2 12's with 500w) the only thing lacking is the little hurt of the ears when unprotected.
the cone is just beinging to move, hasnt gone below tuning yet. its only moving 1/2" right now (or maybe more...the cone is so large it makes movement seem smaller and with no refereny logo because the CF blends with itsself)

like i said, the truck doesnt rattle very much at all. none to be heard inside except on the VERY low/loud notes. and distortion is minimal besides what the stock headunit is giving.

to even really hear my componets i have to turn my bass knob half way down which is -9dB.

but, i need to get an amp for my componets now and high pass them at around 50-60Hz.

well enough talking here are some installed pics excuse the ghetto grille... function before form



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