I just designed a ML-TQWT for Tang Band W5-1880

So this is my first post on DiyAudio after probably a year of lurking and learning as much as I can. I started out in the Pass Labs forum, and I will be building an F5 amp, and thought I should research some full range speakers for it. So I bought a license for Martin Kings excellent 1/4 wave mathcad sheets, and read all his articles, and came up with this design. It is a ML-TQWT tuned to approx. 40 Hz for use with the TB-W5-1880 driver. I think this enclosure could be good for many different 4-5" drivers but I have not modeled any other than the TB.

Here is a 3D Cad image:
Imageshack - speakerw.jpg

Here is the CAD details:
Imageshack - w51880mltqwt.jpg

And here is the FR on infinite baffle:
Imageshack - w51880mltqwtfr.jpg

After a BSC circuit this may not be the most efficient design, but it will definitely go deep. The Xmax chart matches that of a sealed box, but with better handling around the box tuning area. Also, the first 2/3 of the line have .25 lb/ft^3 of stuffing. Please critique!


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2007-01-27 10:04 pm
These might also work quite well with the Markaudio Alpair 10 drivers as they are quite similar in specs. Would you be able to do a simulation with those drivers?

Larryldspkr: From the cad drawing you can see the enclosure is 12 inches deep, what i can't figure out is the exact height the driver is placed at.
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