I have updated my DIY Cable Site

Just thought I'd drop by to let you guys know I've recently updated my DIY Cable site to include DIY AC Power Cables and DIY AES/EBU Digital Cables, along with alot of other good info. I plan on taking high quality pictures of these projects in the near future and post ASAP. Please check it out and let me know how you like. Thanks :)
Nice new layout. I'm a big fan of your Cat-5 cables, and currently use them for the highs in my bi-wired mains. I also used the silver interconnects for a while until I converted over to a silver braided geometry. But they were definitely one of the best cables I'd ever had in my system.
If I get the chance to do it any time soon, I'll probably give the power cable a try too, with my Meridian 602 transport. Anyways, site looks great. Keep the cables coming :)

I'm glad you liked the Cat5 :) Awfully good performance for the money, time and effort. I use the "Flavor 3" Power Cords with my Meridian front-end equipment, and they sound awesome. Good luck and enjoy. Thanks for the feedback on my site. Now if I can just find the time to take those pictures as I construct more cables.......
On the subject of cables...

I was wondering what your take, as well as those of others are on the physical dampening of speaker cables. I know that there are devices that elevate cables off the floor, but what about some other alternatives, perhaps something to help dampen the vibrations before they reach the speaker? I saw a suggestion once online (don't ask me where) that talked of the possibility of putting a box a few feet before the terminated end, and filling it with epoxy or other material to provide physical dampening. As I'm preparing to construct some new cables for my mains (primary reason being that the new amps will allow shorter runs, and I need a heavier gauge), I'm open to any ideas about this subject. I'm planning to construct a modified version of the cables using the tri-braid geometry featured on Chris' site.