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I have stock of MPR 5W R22J x2 Power Resistors

For anyone looking to replace open power resistors, P/N MPR 5W R22J, on their Onkyo receivers, send me a PM or email me, ryancmchugh@gmail.com. I have 45 pcs excess (as of May 2016). I had one heck of a time finding supply and when I did there was a min-buy requirement, which is why I have excess. Not looking to make money, only looking to help those needing this replacement component. $4 each, which includes shipping.

OEM is Noble Electronics.

Dual Emitter Resistor
5 Watt
.22 ohm x 2
I have more resistors available as of 19 May 2019...

For those looking for the dual emitter 5W .22Ω power resistors (part MPR 5W R22J X2), I recently acquired another 60 new pieces, which are available for sale (as of May 2019). The components were manufactured by Noble Electronics LTD, so the manufacturer’s marking on the part may differ slightly. But the MPR and RGC are identical.

Part Markings:
RGC 55

I installed an entire bank of these on my TX-SR806, and have shipped roughly 50 to many satisfied DIY’ers over the past 2+ years. These are obsolete, so get them while they last.

These sell for around $10 ea + $5 s/h on Ebay.

My price (includes first class USPS shipping for US destinations only):
Qty 1 – 3 = $5 ea
Qty 4+ = $4 ea

Quantities of 8 or more will ship USPS Priority Mail (3-day, US destinations only). I can ship international, overnight, etc, at buyers’ expense; please contact me for quotes (I don’t mark-up shipping costs).

Please contact me with any questions you may have, or if you’d like to complete a purchase: ryancmchugh@gmail.com.

Thank you.


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