I have returned, and i come bearing a question


I am back after a long while (painful illness)

I have a question.

I have a three channel amp, and a two channel preamp
I was wondering if there was a simple way of blending the right and left channel to create a signal for the centre.

I origionally had a surround proccesor for this but had to sell.

Is there an easy way of doing this?

Is there a name for it so i can check the forums?

Hi pinky,

Well rembered!

The parts are sitting in a bagwaiting for me to save up and buy a processor.

I reasoned that that would be a while....unless anyone here needs large quantities of Everest products =-)

So i decided that, in fact i don't need most of the proccesor, I just need to know how i can create a centre one.

Once this is complete then i will start thinking about that XLR thingy.

Nice to hear from you again btw.

SY said:
If you literally want the sum of left and right, the circuit you want is called, logically enough, a summer. It's a couple resistors and an opamp.

I've seen a number of designs of this type for stereo-mono converters; one question - does popping the pair of resistors (say 20k-100k in total) across the L & R channels affect the sound you're passing on to the stereo amplification? Like no reduction in channel separation? :confused: