I have problems with 1.8" pannel (528x220)

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I have bought a 1.8" pannel with 528x220 resolution, the panel came with the driving board of the picture, but after plugin all the cables I found that the picture was shown only in the left half of the screen, I deduced that the driving board was configured to support a 280x220 pannel (just 280/528 of the screen is filled)
we have tried to change the resolution of the UPS015 chip, but we lost the sync. Does anyone has this board working with a 528 pannel? thanks


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I think you will have to return to the retailer

Contact them and ask them to send you the correct board.
This is the Unipac, I assume. Did you purchase from one of the two places we mentioned in the Small Panel thread?

Please post where you purchased and if they will work with you on this. This is a fault on their part. Don't settle for this.

Also, I don't think you will find a work-around for this and you may void your warranty and any chance to return if you try to alter the board.

Hopefully, you can return and they will send you the correct one and you will be back in business within a week.

Please post in the Small Panel thread also. It's good for us to see who the merchant is, if they are reliable and keep track of it all from there.

Sush' (now with Bali-belly, where's the John!)

I bought both things at www.lcdexceltech.com, I'm working with them to solve the problem, but or our english is too bad, or we know more about the driving board than them.

What we have done with the board is not a hack, that procedure was documented in a doc about the UPS015 chip we found at the internet. When we asked for UPS015 docs they sent the EXS051 application notes (WTF!).

We reported them all our tries to get the board working and they seemed to agree with those procedures.

In their last mail (yesterday) they told us to stand by while they get some anwers for us. I think they don't know much about the driving board and the are asking to the builder.

When all this finshes, i'll post on Small Panel, to tell the conclusions about this driving board with 528 1.8" pannel sold at Excel Technologies, or a tutorial about how to get it working.
I see! These are the Unipac LCD's. They changed the beginning of the model number.

Yeah, more companies using the discontinued Unipac stock. Changing the name or model numbers.

I didn't know about a way to modify the UPS015 chips frequency without a hack. So, you don't have to do some rewiring/soldering they are just Potentiometers that need to be adjusted?

Regardless, I hope they get the correct board sent to you. Maybe the same board Sharkwong posted on page 12 of Small Panel', just take off his copper foil covering.

Hope they help you soon.
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