I have Infinity RS-6000's How do I fix the boomy bass?

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I have a pair of older Infinity RS-6000's. They have a polydome midrange and an Emit ribbon tweeter. For the woofers, they each have 2 polycone drivers in a largish sealed cabinet.

After some listening, I find the mids and highs are exemplary on these speakers but the bass is kind of boomy :(

Can I maybe get some suggestions as to what I can do to clean it up and make them not so boomy?

The cabs are made of partical board and they are not all that thick.

I was told an aperiodic vent at the back will help lower the impedance... :confused:
Will this help?


Thanks for the suggestions guys.
Before spending any cash, play with room placement. If they're up against the wall or in the corner, move them out a little.

After that, some polyester stuffing can help clear things up a little, though a well-made cabinet will really help. When music's playing, put your hands on each of the panels. Check for where's vibrating...
I'll try and post a pic or two in a bit.
I've played with placement and no matter where I put them, they sound boomy. If I had to guess where in the frequency range I would say somewhere around the 120hz range or slightly higher... Voices (particularly male) have an unnatural resonance to them. Everyone sounds like a radio host on a pop station. The low bass seems fine but a little higher is where it doesn't sound right. The effect is not subtle either.
As far as polyester goes, I think there is some of that in the speaker already as you can see it through the poly cone which is clear.
I had a pair of RS4000 in the '80s . Behind the 10" woofer there is a cloth preventing the polyester to "invade"....I remember that keeping them away from the walls and on a stand (correctly mechanically decoupled...with spikes)
helped a lot .
That is a basic recommendation , and also room interactions must (and can) be
calculated .

So I took the drivers out to inspect inside and what I noticed was that all of the stuffing (polyfill) has been shoved to the top of the cabinet almost making it solid with no space. The bottom of the cab (where the woofers are) had pretty much no stuffing at all. The rear of the woofers were firing directly to bare wood with no padding behind it.
So what I did was even out the polyfill throughout the cabinet, bolted the woofers back up and listened.
Big difference! There is still a slight hint of it but not nearly as much as before. Actually the bass is pretty solid now. I like it.

Thanks for the replies gentlemen!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.