I have a question.........

I have tried to send him several email, no reply at all. Maybe my email's didn't get trough.

There were several reasons why I "cloned" the amplifier.

First of all, he didn't share his PCB layouts, so if I would make one, I had to buy the PCB from him.

Second, I have alot of 100x160mm PCB cards and I would realy like to use some of them for a good cause. So I made a layout so satisfy my goals.

Since I had the PCB cards, there was no cost's with them, and I had some spare time to kill, so what I tought why not.

Then I tought he maybe had a reason for not sharing his PCB layouts, so I tried to send him an email, but I got no reply. And since I have seen him here at the forum. I tried to get in touch with him here. And I also though that I could get someone else thought on it.

Here is the picture from Silicon Chip Magazine


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