I got to see real subs today!!


2007-10-14 4:08 am
Me and my friend went out today and went to a shop about 1 1/2 hours away and found a real shop! most places around me just are mtx, sony,pioneer, best buy stuff. But as I went in the door I started to droool!! There was Menfis, alpine, rockford, ads, eclipse, and then BAM!!! sitting there lookin at me like a demon was the first 13W7 JL subI ever saw in rel life! OH man I looked at this thing for it had to be 30 min! I couldn't belive it! the guys were great! they asked if I was interested in buy a couple. I said I wish!! they even offered to pull my jeep into the bay since they were slow and they had a box and amp set up with 13W7s they would stick in the back and listen to them!! I told them thanks but they would probably end up chasing me down! lol!! but really, I had no idea how monserous some of this stuff is! I only get to look at pics on the web and magizines. what a thrill my trip to a sterio shop was!! Now to figure out how to rob a bank!!