I finally took the plunge...

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G'Day all,

What plunge? I hear you ask... well, after much procrastination I have finally launched my long awaiting speaker business http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com!

As our erstwhile webmaster Jason can attest, I have been playing with speakers for years and have been wanting to start a business for most of that time. Jase and I have been building experimental boxes, (remember the Death Star?), building high end speakers and subs and a whole host of other things including my own designs for sub amp modules.

I got into audio in my teens when I built a 3-way speaker using (ahem!) Tandy (Radioshack for the Yanks out there) parts. We used them to listen to the very first CD system in our suburb (this was early '80's) playing Dire Straits "Brother in Arms" album. I can still remember the sheer exhilaration of that first big drum roll in "Money for Nothing" as it came through MY speakers - I was hooked. Of course, when my Uncle came in weeks later and let me listen to his new Bose speakers and I discovered the wonderful truth that DIY (even with Radioshack parts) could defeat the evil empire the hook was well and truly set :)

(But please don't get me started on B$#% !)

Since then I managed to get an Engineering degree (Electronics) and a family but somehow the DIY audio always stayed with me. I must have built close to 100 different speaker designs in the past 20 years and nowdays my workshop is able to do everything from Thiele-Small parameter measurement to box construction to spray painting to anechoic testing. I still remember that first bass note like it was yesterday, though!

What I have decided to do now is to help introduce others into the DIY Audio craze with a range of very low cost loudspeaker kits. Most of you out there are probably looking for high performance audiophile quality sound so our product range might be a little basic for you, but if you are interested in some excellent satellite/surround speakers or speakers for high end PC applications and want to finish them in your own way then I suggest you check us out! We also sell direct through various markets in Melbourne.



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