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hey guys, im a rookie to the whole full range game but i love it. i recently built my first set of voigt's and was pleasantly suprised. but, i dont have all the money in the world to build numerous experiments to get where i want to be with a set of speakers. im in a band and im so used to loud music that i require my stereo speakers to equally as loud (and clean). my question is, which set-up is the best and is it possible to use multiple drivers? im thinking a fairly large backhorn (6ft tall) using at least one fostex 206e will be what im leaning towards. i need a big, bassy, bright and overall LOUD speaker that will not distort. im open to any suggestions guys, thanks.
brettleasure said:
i need a big, bassy, bright and overall LOUD speaker that will not distort. im open to any suggestions guys, thanks.
Full-range drivers don't really address your design goals, IMO.

When I read your post, I'm thinking of something along the lines of a Klipsch Cornwall or Altec Valencia, a big high-efficiency warhorse with 15" woofer. They are eminently upgradeable/tweakable, especially in the crossover department, which might satisfy your DIY bug.

In terms of a DIY kit, the Pi speakers Studio 2Pi Tower and Theater 4 Pi designs would probably work very well, too.

thanks for the reply. ironically enough, i own some klipsch speakers (rf35) that im using as a reference kinda. they have pretty good bass and highs, but they are not prefect. and, my dad owns some old altec lansing stonehenge III that i love as well. but, when i used my voigts in conjunction with the klipsch it was a perfect sound. they each complimented the other. but, i really do wanna go with a full range/single driver setup if possible. i dont want to bother with crossovers or tweeters if necessary. this is why i was thinking about possibly using two 206e's in a back horn enclosure. now, i have no size constraints really, and was thinking biulding them as large as my room will hold. thanks for working with me on this.
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Been reading a lot of good things about this design. It is optimized for the FE206E. Here's an internal photo to help decide if you're up to the build:
(You can build it with either a straight front or sloping front.)

The other possibility that comes to mind is Martin King's project 5, for either FE206E or FE207E:
I believe the design could easily be adjusted for bipole, push-push setup like this:
using two drivers per side.