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I bought my first Elektor magazine yesterday

I just wanted to say, wow, what a good magazine. It's been several decades since I bought an electronics magazine and I have to say that the please of reading the Feb Winter special edition reminded me of the pleasure I had reading publications in England when I was a kid. I feel motivated to explore more and different projects than 'just' the audio amplifiers I've been building this past couple of years. Thanks and keep it up !


2009-09-17 11:27 pm
I used to buy them when I was a kid, they have some really cool articles and project. But as a 10 yo most of the stuff is way beyond my capability, except for the simple egg timer and things like that.

My nextdoor neighbor realised I was into electronics and gave me tons of magazine dating back in the 70s. Most were everyday electronics and practical electronics magazine. Yeah the special editions are full of cool projects usually for christmas and things.

Great stuff