i *am* in a world of pull-up resistors!

I'd like to vigorously beat upon the people who designed the CS8420. I'm sure they don't think it is any big deal if one part requires 30 passive to support it. Naw, no problem. People love routing tiny traces to a bazillion pull-up/down resistors.

Did I mention that livelock defect in the latest revision?

Perhaps I could arrange a deathmatch between them and the folks over at burr-brown. The BB people, besides gratuitously transitioning all their products to unsolderable SSOPs, like to convolve the placement of all their pins. That is, they've managed to arrange it so that the outputs from their digital filters and the inputs on their DACs don't match up in any way, gauranteeing some hairball routing, or vias in the clock lines. And some lunatic put the serial data input and the serial data clock on opposite ends of the DF1704.

SMD soldering puts me in a bad mood.

It appears there is no question in my post. Therefore, I solicit your worst rants about unusable crap parts from Crystal. Thank you.