I am a newbie DIYer, but I learn fast! :)


2001-01-05 8:10 pm
As I said I am a newbie DIYer.
My first 'project' if I can call it like that is to build a subwoofer.
I relly don't know how to start ...
Please tell me some good URL where I can find interesting information for newbies like me.
I don't want to bother you with stupid question.
BUT I really want to ask you some q's:
-I don't have any special tools, and I understand I must do some tuning and calculations before I can build the subwoofer.
-I live in Romania so here I can't find the Vifa, Madisound, JBL or other direvers you are talking about. I found some 888, Clarion and JVC drivers and some other unknown. Are they good? Let me know how I can determine the right driver for me.
-Other problem is the enclosure. Should I use sealed, ported or 4th bandpass???
I want a powerfull low bass: at least 22-24 Hz low! How powerfull should that be: 200W 250W or more?
That all by now, hope I didn't bothered you so much,