Hypex UcD 180 4 channel amp finished

Hi all UcD fans,

I wanted to share my experience with the UcD amplifier modules, while building a 4 channel by using 4 UcD 180 modules.
See the website below to watch.

It's been used in a bi-amping stereo set.

Housing, some parts and trannies came from Schuro in Germany (www.schuro.de), the rest from RS.

It's sound amazing, best I've heard so far.




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UcD 180 4 channel amp

maxlorenz said:
Very nice, Daniel :D

two questions:
a) Where did you get these McIntosh caps? (And how much and how do they perform, ...etc).
B) Didn't you need a "soft start"?

a) McIntosh caps: I found them a few years ago at Apex Jr. (www.apexjr.com), not sure if they still have some.
Measured, the ESR is rather low, and as I say, I'm thrilled with the sound. I'm finishing another amp (but 2xUcD400) with the same diodes but Cerafine caps, I'll see if there's a difference.
b) Well, indeed, I think I need one because I blew already some fuses, and two days ago the 5amp main switch went short circuit

C37 said:
Hi Dan,

Good to hear from you again on DIYaudio!:D Nice job indeed:nod:

Thanks Thomas, how's your player going?