Hypex Supercap PSU


2013-02-17 9:12 pm

I'm working on a Ncore 400 amp. with a PSU based on 20 F / 53 V cap. banks and, so far, with 150 VA of transformer capacity. Have anyone in here tried this and, if so, any experience they can share?

So far I have only worked on charging and maintaining the voltage on one cap. bank with one 75 VA transformer without any load so the project is still quite 'open'.

Another question. You guys who did an amp. with the Ncore and a linear power supply; how did you build/do the +/- small signal voltage for the module?

I'm thinking of taping down from the main DC with a resistor and a zener (I recently read in here about test of zener diodes -BZX85's- and they/this is apparently not as noisy as I thought) but I'm not sure if this is the optimal solution!