Hypex SMPS - 12V Trigger (25mA)

Hello, please be gentle, I'm still very much in the learning phase here...

After using a linear power supply with UCD400 amps for a long time, I'm going to switch to the new UCD400HG modules with the Hypex SMPS

The SMPS can control the on/off for the modules, and also can be put to standby by providing a standby voltage on JP1:7 of the module (3.3V-12V)

I want to use the 12V trigger (25mA) from my existing amplifier to control the SMPS.

I came up with using an optocoupler for this, which seems to work in LTspice - anything practical I need to change/know still? Is my R1 and R2 sufficient? V1 would need to be "always on" for this to work.

What's my best best for providing V1 voltage, coming from 220V and having as low of a standby current as possible? wallwart? something better?