Hypex Ncore NC500MP Failure


2013-06-26 6:32 am

I've bought one year ago two hypex NC500MP modules, and mount them in two differents enclosures, and run without problem.
After power shutdown in my house, the two cards are burned !?!
In one of the board , the main fuse have burn , and the seconde one, the capacitor C44 have explode, but the main fuse is ok...
No burning traces on board or componants ...


My pre-amplifier, DAC, Computer are Ok.
Do you had this experience with Hypex amplifier board ?

Thank you,Best regards
Hello Sancho,

1 "Bought a year ago" , i quess that means there is still a warranty on the product, try the seller.
2 Hypex service is very good, if the seller can't help you, try Hypex/ agent, maybe they charge you, but i doubt it.
3 In fact its a mains problem, the first module acted ok, the safety device (fuse) blew, thats ok fuses cost next to nothing, second module is a mystery to me.

P.s. I have been using Hypex modules (UCD 400 HXR) for 12 years now, no problems at all, so unfortunately my help is restricted to the above.

Good luck,
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If you tell them you had a power outage, Hypex will say that they are not covered under any warranty due to mains voltage spikes.
If not under warranty, have you documentation to prove they failed when the power was reinstated? If you have, claim against the electricity supplier, they caused the issue and they have more money than us.


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2005-01-09 2:32 am
I have had a few Hypex UCD400hG HXr modules blow from a tube preamp turn on / turn off transient...I managed to get them all back in service by replacing the transistors, with a little direction from Hypex. These guys are very helpful.

After blowing an expensive Ncore 400 module, I finally put in a 60 second delay circuit in my preamp...duh. No issues anymore...

Replace the fuse and blown cap, test the transistors on bottom and you could be ok...