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HV Shunt Regulator PCB

This project had been on the back burner for some time. It is a very sophisticated High Voltage Shunt regulator PCB. I think it is an original Allen Wright's design. It can be use with an external power tube or as stand-alone. I made my own PCB using his schematic and parts list. I found the original documentation on the net, but it seems to be gone now. It took me some time to collect all the parts but I found them.

Been on the road again, I found some time to complete the PCB.

I'm planning to use it into my upcoming EAR824P Phono preamp clone.
I have two complete PCB completed. Just need to test it now.

Since it is not my design, and it is a brand new project I cannot answer any question on this circuit. I need to work on it first.

The manual
http://basenjes.de/tubes/data/sb/ShuntRegManual_With_SB Notes.pdf

This is the top view.


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Hi Alga_emi

The original manual says
Did you adjust the design for opa656u as in your BOM? I wanted to build this shunt regular for the longest time but had no chance to locate the ops655p.

In my latest builds of the HPHV I used AD9631 instead of OPA655. These are high-performance op-amps with standard single power connections, and - more crucially - there is no facility for external compensatin or offset nulling, so pins 1 and 8 are not connected internally. I haven't tested my regulators with an oscilloscope, so I can't rule out ultrasonic problems, but they appear to be working fine.

If any of you need a PCB of this regulator, I can probably make one for you since the original designer kit seems to be not available anymore. Normally, I never sell PCB of current commercial kit. I make my own PCB, with my own design, for my own use.

If interested let me know. My PCB's are made entirely manually by me, FR4 material, solder plated, drilled and ready for assembly. I sold a few of each of my projects to other DIYer's.

This offer may not be available for long. I put my house on sale one month ago. If I sell it, all my DIY projects will be put on back burner for at least a year, so...
I already received a few request for this PCB and I may start a small production run. First as I said to other member, please check the availability of all the parts. Some of them can be difficult to source, the 2SK369 Fet in particular. I know that Vacuum State is selling matched pairs of this fet.
That could be one of the best source, see:

I already received a few request . I'll let you know.


I understand that the 2SK170 is equivalent to the 2SK369, and I managed to get away with selecting a few 2SK170bl with high Idss. I bought mine from Donberg in Ireland, though I don't know whether they have stock right now.

I also used the plastic SM package version of the BSS135 instead of the LND150 (a recommended substitution in Emile's construction manual) , the BSP135.