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HV paper in oli caps and Peerless chokes

I have the following GE "Pyranol" paper-in-oil caps for sale:

2 - 10µF @ 2000VDC - $US50.00 the pair + postage
2 - 10µF @ 1000VDC - $US 35.00 the pair + postage
2 - 10µF @ 600VDC - $US 25.00 the pair + postage

all of which are out of a pair of Altec 260A power amps, the data sheet for
which you can download here:

See: Altec Lansing 260A Product Literature


As well, I have:

2 - Peerless 17131 potted choke w/ceramic standoff connections.
This is part "L1" in the 260A schematic and I measure it at 20H @
50mA and 200V rms across it using my GenRad 1630 AV
Incremental Inductance Bridge.
The can is 2.25 x 2.75 x 4.25 and it weighs about
3.5 lbs. They are hammertone grey and the paint's in good shape
$US40.00 the pair + postage.

Bill Perkins - PEARL, Canada
HV paper in oil caps and Peerless chokes

Here's a shot of one of the chokes and the GenRad 1630AV, 200W AC/DC Incremental Inductance Bridge used to measure it.
Again, those parts are 20H @ 80mA & 200Vrms at 120Hz across them; the Rdc is 70Ω. I fitted new stainless hardware.

Bill Perkins - PEARL


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