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For Sale huge tubes and related parts estate sale JUN 17-18 Irving TX

Things you have for sale.
The gentleman was a prolific experimenter and builder. This is his 'stash' and occupied over 500 sq ft in the home. There is also two sheds to explore. It'll be worth it to go. There are hundreds of transmitting, receving, and power tubes, plus all the other parts needed to build a wide variety of tube gear, and also some solid state items. Please see flyer, which is also online at https://www.bunkerofdoom.com/brady_estate.pdf

This is not mine. Please do not ask me about specific items etc. I am merely helping our DIY group by posting this for the benefit of local members. Note one thing please; their flyer says it all has to go and will be priced to please.

I do not consider this a commercial post at all. Their concern is that all these tubes and parts etc. will be pitched out in this age of smartphones and instant gratification.


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