HUGE theater: need suggestions!

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Hey everyone, I'm currently in the planning stages of building a very fancy home theater system. I already have plans and a screen for a 150" projection tv and I have all the speakers, cd player, stuff to build amps, tuners, vcr, video and front end switches and isolation transformers, you name it.

But I need a few suggestions for good DVD players and DTS decoder to look for. I wish to use toslink in my system and I want a decoder that has AUX toslink in's and out's preferrably, but not mandatory. Also, the decoder doesn't need to have an amp as I'm building my own amps for the whole system. As for the DVD player, I'm onto sony ES equipment and the such, but I'm not really big on cash so a medium end dvd will do for starters untill I get real money for one. BTW, any good suggestions for good toslink cables, gold rca connectors and XLR's??? I have all the cable I need for interconnects and a few solid gold rca's, but I'm doing the whole system balanced right to the nines so I want really good xlrs for this. Anybody have ideas???

Thanks, Duo...

Regarding the decoder, I have just bought a yamaha HRT-5560. This unit contains Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES and Prologic II as well as all the other systems. The best part for this unit is that all channels have pre-out, so you can connect any amplifier you wish.

The sound quality is great!

I bought mine at for $599 but I saw i yesterday on ebay for $399.

You should check this unit out :)

Sounds like a good starter decoder for me to try... It's definately got what I need.

I still need suggestions for a good DVD however. If DVD rom drives for computers have digital outputs like normal cdroms for audio and support DTS then that's waht I'll do. I do know how to make an interface from a standard digital cmos output into a toslink so that's no problem, or I can use coax and avoid conversion to light. I'm just wondering if a DVD rom drive supports DTS that's all...

Take a look at The DiO provides SPDIF and TOSlink. I have a Delta 410 and I'm very happy with it. But, eventually, I'd like to get the soundcard out of the computer in a separate rackmount box to eliminate power supply noise and perhaps reduce jitter. I have the feeling that M-Audio is going to come out with a new product aimed at the home theater market, soon, so I'm waiting. Also, if you want to go all out, take a look at the Lynx2 soundcard.

According to my understanding, DTS and other decoding is done via software, such as PowerDVD. There are many threads on this topic in the Home Theater Computers (HTPC) section of I'm still building the active XO's for my rear channels, so I haven't done this, yet, but, I know that several people on the htpc forum are doing this successfully already.

I have a pc connected to my RPTV, cable box and stereo. The computer is being used as a DVD player, line doubler, HDTV decoder, jukebox and preamplifier. Properly set up, many would say an htpc rivals the best stand-alone components, plus, an htpc provides much more flexibility and upgradeability.

Best of luck.

The Denon 1600 is one of the best players around,It has the Faroudja MPEG decoder build-in which dosn`t have the charoma bug.
A build in AC3 and DTS decoder and it plays DVD audio,and remote controlled volume adjustment through the player outputs.
You can get all that for less then $450- new.
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