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Huge inventory clear out starting soon.

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Huge inventory clear out starting (edit) tonight!

Hi everyone,
Many of you know me around here. I have been buying project components now for a few years and have collected probably somewhere around $10k worth of "stuff". Only about 25% of the projects I ever envisioned came to fruition and now with a new child I am realizing the rest of them probably will never materialize.

I literally probably have a ton of stuff.

Soon I will be posting a started list without pictures. Pictures will be sent via email only to those that ask.

More than half of my stuff is new. If it is not than it is almost new.

If there is anything in particular you are looking for and itis not posted here, please ask. There is a good chance I may have it.

Payment will be PayPal or cash in person.

If you live near Lawton, OK or are within half a days drive, it might be worth your while to make an appointment and come browse through my stuff.

Here is a sample of what is to come:

Drivers, tons of drivers. Full range, woofers, tweeters, mids, planers, etc....
Electronic components. Caps, modules, partially built amps and DACs, etc...
Iron. OPTs, power trannies, chokes, etc...
Cabinets. Some new, some with cutouts. All basically perfect. Dayton and Meniscus is where the came from.
Amps (tube and SS)
HT processors

Oh, and did I say tubes? Got tons of them to. Will take a while to get a good inventory on these.

There is even more I cannot think of right now.

I am starting to inventory tonight. Will start with drivers.

Again, if you are looking for something in particular it is worth asking.

I am not quitting DIY, just getting realistic about what I can finish in a lifetime.

Keep posted!


I also have a fairly large collection of new and some used Black Gates. I started collecting them years ago before they dried up.

Added 3/18- the W8-1772 and SSS Electraprint OPTs losted below are sold pending payment.
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Awesome! Congratulations! I assume it is your first, or you would never have had such ideas in the first place. My daughter is now 3, and it took all three years to finish an amp and one set of speakers. The other 8 projects are still pending...she is so fun I don't mind. You are in for the most fun and most challenging time.
First up, full rangers....
W8-1772 pair, tested, like new $270
Fostex FE168 sigma (not E sigma) $225 http://www.fostexinternational.com/docs/speaker_components/pdf/fe168sigma.pdf
More to come....

Mid woofer
Morel CAW 638 pair, new $140

Output transformers

Electraprint solid silver secondaries for 45 SET (5k/8R) $1000

These will hopefully find a good home, not cheap but a hell of a deal considering current replacement would cost $2400. Jack at Electraprint will verify authenticity of this pair, he has records on them.

Much, much more to come....making inventory is the easy part, going back and looking at what I paid then picking a fair price is hard....

Gotta go to work in the morning, when I get home at five I will be spending most of the afternoon inventorying and posting more, stay tuned....
Hey everyone, my PM box filled up! Please be patient with my response time....I just started inventorying everything.

Also, to make this easier I want to use an email account I don't use for anything else....

Please email all inquiries to me at jmillerdoc (at) iCloud (dot) com

This will send a message directly to my iPhone so I can keep track of things a little easier.

Ok, here is two more pair of full range....both Dayton Point Source. I habe a pair of the 6.5" and of the 8". They are as new, only briefly tested. I think one pair has the boxes, can't remember which. Nice drivers if you like bright midrange in the upper registers. Sound better than they look on paper. Good off axis listening. Had them both mounted on some 16x48" test baffles. Can't speak much to the lower extension but they say they do pretty well. They sure are great looking drivers.

Would like $150 for the 8" and $115 for the 6.5", about half of new. Grab these if you have ever wanted to try them. Me thinks one of the best valued full rangers out there.

BTW, all shipping actual. I will cover PayPal fees on any total under $1500.

I prefer USPS. I will not ship UPS (they suck really hard, destroyed many, many nice speakers and components). FedEx is fine if you want it but USPS is by far the best deal.

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