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HUGE 7kg heatsinks in scandinavia (Swe)

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These have the dimensions 150x150x450mm and weigh in at 7kg each.

I have made some inquiries about a possible price but since i haven't gotten a reply yet so lets say 60euros a piece? I think that it should be somewhere around the retailprice for aluminum. The sinks are located in Falkenberg on the westcoast of Sweden. Zipcode 31141

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Paypal? Sure, I have never used paypal to recieve money but that shouldn't be a problem.
Just send an E-mail and tell me how many of them you want and i'll get you a shippingcost from the swedish postalservice or fedex, ups, whatever suits you best. E-mail is the simplest way of communicating since it's what i check most offen.

it's ki1ohke@hotmail.com by the way.

Best regards

Ofcourse, first one to confirm gets them. As i wrote earlier, I can ship them however you want it, as long as sweden has the alternative in question ofcourse, and i have sent out some requests as to the cost but if you have special requests please post them. I'm quite a noob when it comes to finding alternatives to shipping so I can't promise that i happen to find the least expensive way even if i try (which i ofcourse do).

Oh, please post country and zipcode if possible.

I had not answer to the email I sent you
Did you send me an e-mail?? I havn't recieved any.

I sent you last september 13th:

Hi Ken,
I have not news from you! I leave home tomorrow since next monday night. Maybe I have no chance to pay you if I can't get a reliable conection since next monday, although I could try. Tell me the shipping costs to Valencia (Spain).

Thanks a lot!

Juan Luis


...but otherwise, don't worry, returning to the matter: I need only one of the hs.

Thanks again.

Do you guys have any idea who made those sinks? They are really nice and look to be more efficient than this MM Metals extrusion which I like to use sometimes.



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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.