HUF75343G Replacement?

I've got a couple of Kicker ZR1000 amps with blown supply FETs. They are HUF75343G. I can get them, but they not from my preferred vendors except in a TO220 package, and these are in TO247s.

I can however get HUF75344G FETs which are very similar, but with slightly lower RDSon (8mohm vs 9mohm) and higher Ciss (3200pF vs 3000pF) and slightly higher Qg (210nC vs 205nC).

They look like they will work Ok, and run cooler, except I could see that input capacitance being an issue... Anyone tried them or have opinions?

DOH! Stupid mistake on the resistance :rolleyes:

Why the IRFP064? They have similar characteristics, but are MUCH more expensive than the HUF75344G parts. The only real difference I see -offhand- is that the IRFP064 has a higher continuous current rating if you go with the IRFP064NPBF. If I used the IRFP064VPBF it's even better at 130A and a 5.5mohm RDSon, but it has a real high Ciss and Qg...

I think that HUF75344 is a new improved device that replaces HUF75343, but the difference is minimal so don't fear using the newer one. I know because when I ran out of HUF75343 and I went to buy more, I only found HUF75344 too.

On the other hand, IRFP064 is an ancient device with ancient performance and it's overpriced for quite obvious reasons. IR has developed much better automotive MOSFET since then, my two preferred ones are IRFZ48V and IRF2907Z.