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HQ-Audio ESS9018 Reference DAC for sale

HQ-Audio ESS9018 Reference DAC for sale, 500$ O.B.O.

Hi. Selling my great HQ-Audio (quanghao forum member). This is a great dac and it was my best dac before I upgraded to quanghao latest ESS9038/Tube I/V DAC. So Mine is for sale. It has the solid-state dula mono I/V converter and high current Class-A output stage. Full discrete low noise regulators for each DAC section, I/V section inspired by dCs apparently. Each I/V channel has +/- low noise shunt regulators. Excellent design and implementation, Sounds great!

Mine as these mods:
-Replaced the MELF stock I/V resistors with Nude Vishay resistors for best sound. A substancial upgrade!
-Installed a rear mounted 1/4'' headphone jack. The output section is powerfull enough to drive an headphone with ease.

It has the Amanero USB input that works great with my music server.
It has also coaxial, AES/EBU and optical SPDIF.
Everything is working perfectly.
Silver color, comes with remote. Accept up to 24bits/384Khz and DSD as well.

Asking 650U$ (O.B.O.) + Paypal fee + Shipping.

You won't find a better dac at this price...

Thanks for looking


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