hpf + limiter for tham 12 12lx60v2 + t-racks DSP

Hi everyone, I'm having trouble setting up the processor for my tham 12 with beyma 12lx60v2.

I use it on a channel of the m50d old version-no-dsp (750w) amplifier, and I can't limit so that the red LED doesn't light up!

I use a t-racks DSP 4x4 Mini , and I set a 40hz high pass, and a limiter mode compressor:
4ms connection
reposition 128ms.
but any value I put in db, even -10db, (amp gain 32db) raising the master the final goes to red anyway! something that does not happen with installations that I use in the premises (normally they use xta) where even saturating the mixer (a practice that is not correct but I want to be sure of not doing damage if I get distracted when I play) the ending never goes red even if the limiter is red steady !!!

regards :)
Check if your dps have input and output sensitivity control, setting this feature may fix the issue.
Dps input needs to align with mixes output (+24db in some cases)
Dps output needs to align with amplifier input (+4db) in some cases

Dps limiter and compressor are linked to output level
the problem is that the limiter activates and the red (virtual) LED lights up, but if the volume is raised the LED remains red and the end indicator turns red, because in reality it is not actually limited, but the output gain continues to increase despite being set ratio: limit.
I set: release at 240 ms, attack 1ms, threshold 8.5db.
the amp does not go red now!

looking at the xta menu I noticed an auto function that limits based on the input by varying the times, a function that does not have the t.racks :)

now I was wondering, since the woofer supports 700w rms and 1400 of the program, if I should put the two channels in bridge (1500w), and set the limiter to 10 / 11db (1200 / 1400w)
I should have more current but less square wave, what do you think?