HP VP6120 need help!!!


2010-09-29 12:48 am
I have recently acquired a free broken HP VP6120. the only problem is the lamp strikes stays on for like 5 seconds then shuts off and the lamp fail light comes on. any thoughts as to what is wrong. i originally thought it was the ballast that was bad but if it strikes then how could it be bad? im not that knowledgeable about ballasts and i don't know how they work so... any help would be nice thanks!


2005-03-27 12:26 pm
Keep powering it up even though it keeps shutting down. I've had this on a few VP6121 before where after numerous tries it does stay on. This usually happens when the projector has not been started for months. If all fails then it is more likely your lamp is on its way out and not staying on due to worn electrodes within the burner itself in which case you will need to replace the lamp. Mind you, the lamps for these models could cost you a fair bit. By the way although his machine has a HP badge on it, it is actually built by BenQ and you may be able to get a BenQ lamp on it from a similar model which also take a 250W AC lamp.
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