HP 3480A spectrum analyser


I've got an HP 3480A hanging round in my lab. Has anyone got a manual, or access to one? I've found an article which describes general use, but it would be great to see the actual thing.
I'm trying to work out how useful it's going to be in distortion anaysis. I'm going to try a before and after sort of thing, and I'm hoping I can work out what harmonics I've got in the singnal besides the fundamental after amplification. I'm not sure how sensitive it is though, and until this morning I had no idea what all the buttons did ;)




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2004-06-06 8:31 pm
Georgetown, On
Hi Ian,
PM me and let me know what your email limits are, as well as you address. I have some information and any other would be welcome. My manual is from the Bama site.

I just bought on, but it doesn't work. Eeeeekbay again. Old one with the crank for center frequency (most knobs broken). I should have saved up for a 3562 (which is what I really want).

Your tester goes up to 50 KHz and has adjustable bandwidth. It will do a sweep of the range you select. It does have a tracking oscillator output on the rear panel. The adaptive sweep function can save you a lot of time on a sweep by ignoring the noise floor.