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For Sale HP 339A in very good working - without covers

Things you have for sale.
For sale nice working HP339 A- both Oscillator/Analyzer
I checked this machine after cleaning the switches with pure alcohol as suggested and it works well on all ranges. The THD is below -102dB. 20-20Khz. When i bought slight mod was done with multi turn preset to adjust harmonic distortion and I have not seen any other mod in it so a good machine for some one to tweak if he is interested. I could not find the covers ( I had them with me but do not know where I placed it in my Garage. So it is offered without covers. I prefer US buyer as it is easier to ship. Contact me by (conversations) message. The REW screen shows lot of 60Hz noise due to using single ended connections on RTX 6001. I also would suggest adding PSU capacitors to reduce Mainline noise along with Metal sheet cover. Contact me for price/shipping costs. Paypal is the preferred method .



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