Howdy folks!

Well, this is my first post so I thought I'd stop by and say "hi!"

I got my first tube amp-an HH Scott 299C a couple years back. Learned a lot restoring that and loved the sound. That led to restoring a 299B and then a 296.

The 296 kinda weaned me off the pleasures of restoration-I guess restoring a 296 can do that to a guy-and I got the itch for a DIY.

I loved the sound of those 7591s better than anything else I'd heard so the first project is: you guessed it, a push-pull 7591-based stereo amp!

I'm knee-deep in it now, waiting for more parts and coming up with more and more questions!

Hope I can find some answers, and maybe pass along what little I know along the way.

Hiya ec8010, and thanks for the welcome!

As for the 7591, it was used in some vintage amps, but kind of fell by the wayside since the pin-out is different than EL or 6L6 types, making swapping a bit difficult. Guess that makes it kind of a red-headed stepchild of sorts for a DIY-but then I've always had a soft spot for the underdog...;)

Hey planet10-thanks for the welcome as well!

They were indeed a bit scarce for a while-a matched quad of NOS could go for as much as $2-400, depending on the manufacturer!:bigeyes:

In the last few years Electro-Harmonix and JJ/Tesla have both come out with new reproductions. My experience with the EH has been very positive-and at @ $60-80 for a matched quad it's hard to beat the price.

I think it's a great little tube and just sounds "right" for my ears!


I've got a few NOS Westinghouse and RCA 7591s, and in this case-at least to my ears-I think the new production has the NOS beat!

Better AND cheaper than NOS?

It's a win-win situation!