How we can deal with parts high prices?

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Parts costs!

I tend to buy in advance (I suppose one could say, I take a long time to get things finished!) I was amazed at this example of parts cost inflation. I don't really think the transformers are even that good!

Order Confirmation#
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RS Pro Transformer Mains - 50V
Dear xx

We are emailing to confirm your order details

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Items ordered
Order Reference Number:​
2 Output Toroidal Transformer 50V 500VA
Stock no.: 1176074
Qty: 2
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Cost Centre:
Fulfilment Country: GB
Delivery Date:
2 Delivered 04/2022

Running Total​
Order Total (excl. VAT)

Above is the order dated April 2022. The price is the total for two. So £37.08 each.
Below is todays price is (last price if in stock).

RS PRO 2 x 115V ac, 2 x 50V ac Toroidal Transformer, 500VA RS Stock No.: 117-6074

This product is currently unavailable to backorder.

Unfortunately, we don’t have this product in stock and it’s not available to backorder at this time.

Price Each
£152.80 (exc. VAT)
£183.36 (inc. VAT)

UnitsPer unit
1 - 9£152.80
10 +£149.75

This seems bonkers!
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The other thing that RS do which I find intensely irritatng is to display items in search results and then when you go to buy it, the lead time is 3-6months+.

They've done this a lot since the Covid shortages, quoting lead times of over a year for many items. I've complained and asked them not to show non stock items (as you can with Farnell) but no response and no way to deselect non stock parts.
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