How we can deal with parts high prices?

Have you built a diy smps?
No but I would like to even if the modern ones look very complex and compact (see pict).
Actually it is cheaper to buy them ready made (Connex or Meanwell).
These will be used to mod a Hafler p3000 from 125V to 230V.


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I’m facing the same problem right now.
I want to convert a DHT-PP-Amp from 6,3V AC to DC heating. For that reason I made myself a regulator board with low voltage loss (LT430, MIC5156).
My DigiKey cart is now close to 200€ for 6 boards (including VAT).

But the prices do not decrease that much, when buying more parts. Example LT4320:
1 11,67000 €
10 10,72400 €
25 10,28040 €
100 9,05760 €
…so a group buy would not reduce the costs significantly
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I used to buy each time 10 copies of transistors, res and caps . Now I buy exactly what I need.
Also I routinely use SMPS instead of expensive transformers and smoothing caps.
I think that is a more costly solution because SMPS will fail sooner than a linear power supply.
If you buy this ready you can't expect to repair this , no circuit diagram available and not recognized parts inside (smd).
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Oh, DIY can be kept alive, just building more modest projects.

Components are priced and paid for in US Dollars

Here in Argentina we get Crises, devaluations and even defaults on a regular base, so Argentine Peso sinks and ¨anything paid in Dollars gets sky high prices, we are already used to that ... or else.

Just this Month tax applied to purchases paid in Dollars surpassed 100%, go figure, so a $10 part (which 1 year ago cost $6) now FOR US costs U$22 :eek:

Oh, and we can´t buy more than U$200 per Month, period.

Yet the soldering iron stays hot and fuming, go figure ;)
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Do fight against the New World Order;-)
Other names of the current globale agenda: UN-Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, 4. Industrial Revolution, Transhumanism. To be found, at example, at the World Economic Forum.
True, but HOW can you fight them?

Last time I checked they didn´t care much about angry FB or Instagram posts or even people marching with posters.

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By salvaging, re-using parts, cutting down on new projects using expensive parts, revisiting old projects, being patient - after all, this is just a hobby.

I am stocked up on parts for projects for a lifetime. I cannot currently do all my projects, but that is still OK - plenty of things to do or experiment with.

Things will change for the better at one point.

Without going into the details here, yes, be aware of what and who is being all of this state of affairs, because that kind of thing affects more than just audio DIY parts.
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We have been, still are, living in paradise.

I remember $7 for one small crappy transistor. And when they came down to a buck. In recent times, jellybean transistor have been under 10 cents. OK, 29 cents this year. Big deal.

The price of 1/2W 10% resistors was 12 cents each. They still are in that zone. But the price is a few pennies each if you buy an assortment box. (SORTED assortment, not the old Surprise Packs.)

I remember gasoline (with Lead!) at $0.34, and sometimes $0.27 a US gallon. I remember a day when good ground beef passed $1/pound. What is it today?
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Here in Argentina we get Crises, devaluations and even defaults on a regular base, so Argentine Peso sinks and ¨anything paid in Dollars gets sky high prices, we are already used to that ... or else.
Too bad we can't barter for Argentine beef, or those wonderful Malbec's.

When I started working at a bank in NYC, the guys in the commercial bank figured out a way for an American couple with a coffee plantation to barter there way out of "regime change". I think they only got out about 10% of what they thought the value of the operation was.
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For me it became clear DIY will be almost dead with such prices. A second issue is the quite recent impossible to DIY SMD packages (check this one: My solution is to well maintain my stuff and temporarily quit DIYing. It already was more expensive than ready made but now it is both a nuisance and a multiple in price. In cold business words "economically unviable". Keeping absurd stockpiles and external storage were already hoarding and it does not prevent shortage of exactly that part you need now that is exactly not in your stockpile. Ineffective and inefficient except when one is in this for mainly commercial interests. The lonely nerd will pay that 10 Euro for that cap if he can't find it anywhere else.

Paying the absurd prices is endorsing so I won't do that much. What strikes me is that I now receive for instance 2016 produced electrolytic caps so some company must have kept stock?!? What about production of parts, is that stopped or what?! To my astonishment I now keep PCBs of defective devices with SMD parts to reuse those parts. If one had told me 5 years ago that I would do so I would have felt offended :)

Anyway it all feels like a nasty game being played. I think globalism and extremely powerful companies are not our best friends in reality despite all the convenience they seem to bring at first glance.

jackinnj, please work on the "there/their". This was hammered in us so much that I have the impression only foreigners do this faultlessly.
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