How to solder mute pins on 4 pin Jumper Block


2007-11-13 3:48 am
[SIZE="[SIZE="2"]This is a 41hz Basic 6 Tripath 2020 Amp. There is J4 a jumper block with 4 pins. The two pins closest to the Tripath chip are sleep/wake; Assembly instructions said i could connect pins, if I didn't need "sleep" function.

There are 2 other pins very close to the sleep/wake whose function is mute/unmute. The AI suggests that these be closed for time being and later fitted with an on/off switch.

But the 4 pins are so tight to each other and to adjacent component, that I can't solder a wire to the mute/unmute pins. The 4 pins in the Jumper Block look to be not more than 1/8" appart.

Looking down at the board, the J4 and Tripath look like this


J4 S1 W1
M1 UM1 (component)[/FONT][/SIZE]

The soldering iron is mid-grade radio shack; should I look for soldering iron with needle nose? Alternately, I can live with the thump on 'turn-on' and I'd close the two pin M1 UM1 with a plastic jumper, but both Radio Shack and local computer parts / repair look blank when I ask for jumper.

I'll appreciate any thoughts on how to finish this project.

Many thanks,

Richard Moss


2007-11-13 3:48 am
Thank you. I might have looked at AI (Assembly Instructions) for weeks without thinking of vertically. In fact not in the AI, which says "you can join pins to unmute, but you probably want a toggle anyway.

Late getting back to you: fearing 4 inches of snow, Federal government and all entities which its leads, shut down on Monday and made late arrival or work-at-home optional on Tuesday. It rained.