How to soften mid and highs in 3-way

The best way would be to Measure it first, to determine what is going on.

If the problem is frequency response, re-working the crossover,
or parametric eq may get you what you want. If the speaker is flat, and the harshness is from driver distortion, new drivers may be your best answer.

I would rather design from scratch than modify existing designs, but that’s probably my inexperience talking.


But surely distortion induced brightness would show up on the frequency sweep, therefore a distortion test is mandatory to distinguish between an imbalanced representation and a distorted one.

Unless the system is being played at high SPL though there should be negligible distortion anyway so might as well just look into the response contouring.
yamaha a635a

These speakers I bought at the last second doing no research on them before the buy. My mistake, now they were for a youth and when he listened to them he didnt like the overpowering mid and highs and wanted better lows. He liked solid bass and mellow mid/high.The highpass is a first order with just a 1.5 mfd connecting to tweeter +.
Then there is a first order 4.7mfd connected to the-mid pole - .Really not much for a crossover. So where do i start. Change crossovers, add resistors to both tweeter and midrange? What?
All I need to do is to mute these down and maybe they will then be acceptable.
Thanks Help would be abliged
rfdt said:
I have yamaha ns-a635a speakers. The mid and high freq. are too overpowering. How do I mellow out the higher freq.
I'm thinking of replacing the woofer with a peerless 831709 for deeper bass, and yes of course changing the box volume to fit the 831709

Is it a question of volume? I.e. is the midrange and tweeter too loud relative to the bass? If so a simple -3dB or -6dB Lpad may be the answer. This is very easy to do.

If it is something else i.e. crossover point, then you should be able to recalculate capacitor / inductor values to make the change. This is reasonably easy to do.

Or it could be an impedance correction issue for the individual drivers and this would require some measurements and some mathematics. This may be more difficult.