How to set up BUTT software for streaming


2013-05-28 5:18 pm
I'm trying to get ready for my first attempt of playing live on Second Life, but I cannot resolve one thing: I watched many video tutorials but none did help me with getting the BUTT software getting the signal I'm sending. I bought the stream, I set it all up, but there must be something missing, 'cause I don't get those signal lights showing I'm getting though. In other words I connected my mixer to the soundcard and I set up BUTT to receive the input signal from it, it says when I click play that the stream is on, but I don't see the lights on BUTT changing, although they are changing on my mixer and my soundcard's (RME Hammerfall) mixer software. Please, if anyone has an idea how to fix that I'd very grateful if you shared it here!