How to repair dust cap on 15W/8530K00

My daughter poked revelator's dust cap in with her finger. I managed to get it out first time, but second time I had to take it out with dental pick, by puncturing small hole in dust cap. The cap is still not perfect as it's paper, so I am wondering how can I iron it back into original shape and plug tiny hole from the pick? Maybe heating it up a little would restore shape to an extent?


2008-08-30 7:52 pm
Next time try scotch tape or some other type with stronger adhesive (if necessary), not too strong mind you. Press the tape into the dent completely and then slowly pull it up. Sometimes it takes 3-5 times to get the dustcap back to the original shape. Try pulling the tape up and away (to the outside of the speaker) slowly. Works great for dustcaps and soft and hard dome tweeters, just be careful not the pull the voice coil out of the gap when dealing with tweeters.