How to repair a Dirty pot on Amp (hissing)???

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mattpman said:
Hi everyone, can anyone help me out on how to clean a pot on my amp, it produces an unbearable hissing in the right channel, which varies in intensity as the volume dial is turned.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Matt,

I have used with best results and since many years
on different pots, oil in a spray can (it`s no joke!). Turn off the amp, Spray a very small burst
into the slits of the pot(were the pins goes in) and move several times from left to right.If the pot is complete capsuled check whether it is possible to disassemle carefully, then spray a small amount directly on the carbon surface and slider contact and wipe it of with a tissue.
you can be shure there is no influence of the sound quality of the amp!!
I use KONTACT 88 from Kontact Chemie or Ballistol
(oil for weapons)I think BALLISTOL is avialaible in U.K.
Gone to Pot

I have never heard such bad advice. Is the amp hissing only when you adjust the pot? If it is hissing after you stop turning the pot the amp is probably oscillating and you have a completly different problem than the pot. If you put WD 40 or grease in the pot you will be buying a new one.
Slight oops

I have to take some blame for that advice. As I reread carefully the original post it is clear indeed that it might not be the pot. I thought it was talking about scratchy pot. Oops and should read more carefully.

However, packing grease in a pot is a good solution for a part that is going bad. I have done so many times, and so far have not had to replace any of them.

Again - this in case of a scratchy pot.

I am somewhat hesitant to recommend the WD-40. I have used it once, and the immediate result was good, but after sitting for some time it developped sticky feel. Usually that stuff lieave sticky residue. But some sort of good grease - never a problem.
OK, to answer your questions:

The amp is solid state.

- and -

It hisses continously, but more pops and crackles as I turn it (this is only in the right channel), and at different positions, it hisses at different volumes, for example at vol. 2 it is exceptionally loud, but not so loud at vol.6.

I shall look into grease then, is this the grease that is a yellow colour (I have never head of the reccomended one), or do I need "special" grease?

I had a Telecaster Elite at one time that was noisy as hell. Replaced one of the transistors in the onboard electronics and cured the problem.
If the amp were tubed, I'd say it was a no-brainer...look for the 12AX7 in the front end and replace it. Solid state...I'd still consider the possibility of a noisy transistor or a bad solder joint.


Grease is the word.


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